Is there a more comfortable place than our bed? If we consider that we spend a third of our life sleeping, it is important to know how to choose and learn how to invest in bedding. Nowadays there is an endless range of options and prices. But don’t despair! Here are 10 tips to help you choose best sheets for adjustable beds, weather-resistant bedding.

Choose sheets by the number of threads

The first great myth to be debunked. It is often believed that the more threads in the fabric of the sheets, the softer and more durable they are. And is this true? No, a 300-thread-count sheet made from high quality cotton can be more comfortable than a 600-thread-count version with poorer quality fiber. Today, there is a wide variety of materials available and that is where the difference lies.

How to choose sheets depending on the material

This is the key to a good sheet and what determines its quality. The material must be resistant, anti-peeling, insulating, anti-allergic and easy to wash. Cotton is undoubtedly the best ally of a good sheet. However, there are bed linens that combine cotton and synthetic fibers, which give very good results. The important thing? It must contain at least 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

Egyptian cotton: It is the best quality (and also the most expensive) its fibers are extra long which produces sumptuous and extremely durable sheets
Pima Cotton: This is a medium to extra long staple fiber material, known for its softness and luster, and is more economical than Egyptian cotton.
Linen: One of the most expensive sheets. Linen bedding is ideal for warm climates. Although ironing them is another matter.
Synthetic: It is the most economical and durable material. Your advantage? It is wrinkle resistant.

How to choose the sheets according to their fabric

What you feel to the touch depends on how those sheets are woven. The favorite is the satin, because the tight and soft, resulting in light and fresh bedding. The other option is the microfiber fabric, super tight and dense, which is wrinkle resistant and extra soft in texture.

The design of the sheets: a fundamental aspect

The bedding is a fundamental piece to collaborate with the general design of a room. Choose sheets with a motif that matches the style of the room and dare to innovate.

How to choose sheets for each season of the year

Depending on the temperature you want to keep in your bed and how often you want to change it, this will be the key to choosing the type of bedding and how many sets to have. Keep in mind that summer-looking sheets can be used all year round. Just add a quilt and a blanket to make your bed more welcoming during the cooler months. Bedding made of natural fibers allows air to circulate, unlike sheets made of 100% synthetic materials.

Find out the sizes of the sheets that fit your bed

Check the size of your mattress, before you buy the sheets. Nothing is more uncomfortable than large or small bedding. A sheet that doesn’t fit perfectly, doesn’t work. There are many types of mattresses and of various dimensions. You have to take into account, besides the width and length, the height of the mattress.

How to choose sheets according to their functionality

You will each determine what you are looking for in your bedding. Maintain an adequate temperature; choose the best option quality/price, practicality: such as free ironing, among others. Depending on the functionality you want, this is what you should take into account when choosing the right bedding.

Complete your bedding set

The sheets are very important because they are what will allow you a proper rest. But the duvet will be the “cherry on top of the cake or the sponge” so the right choice is also essential. Make sure that this duo gets along well to guarantee you a pleasant rest.

Take good care of your sheets

Wash your sheets every week or at most every 15 days; do not apply chlorine to them because the fibres deteriorate and lose softness over time; choose an intermediate or slow washing cycle and do not iron them unless they are linen.

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